Introducing: Make IT Safe Course

The ONLY cybersecurity course designed for the creative entrepreneur.

This 6-Module Online Course designed to inform you and help safeguard your business and protect what you love. Make IT Safe™ is the step-by-step course that I wish I could have taken. It is the fast-track, easy to understand and implement step-by-step know-how that you need to empower yourself and protect your business from cyberthreats. It gives you tools and explains the different layers of protection, and knowledge needed to be cyber secure and how to set everything up. There’s no tech-speak, no advanced knowledge required, and no learning curve to get over.


Hi, I’m Regina Mountjoy

I'm Regina Mountjoy: Artist & Lifestyle Declutter Coach. My life passions center around creating safe, organized, and sacred spaces. I'm creating a set of courses to share the tools I have collected to help other Creative Entrepreneurs and Highly Sensitive People make their environment and businesses SAFE and SACRED. Just fyi, I change my hair color a lot.

My husband, Jay, has run his IT firm for over 20 years. He’s a member of the FBI Infragard program and stays current on the latest cyberthreats and how to protect and overcome them. He also cares deeply for people and he’s really good at playing video games.

Jay has an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience and I have a knack for translating crucial concepts into language the "rest of us" can understand and breaking them down into actionable steps. This is a rare combination. I'm committed to making Jay's IT expertise accessible to other creative entrepreneurs so you can protect the business and life you LOVE.